How to Request Assistance


How to Request Assistance

How Many Households Benefit From Donations To Warm Hearts?

This past year, Warm Hearts assisted 1,240 individuals living in 560 households in Douglas County. These households received $109,639 in financial assistance, an average of $194 per household. Included have been senior citizens, single parent families and families with children.

Who Accepts Warm Hearts Applications?

Five non-profit social service agencies within Douglas County annually receive and process applications for assistance. These agencies are the Ballard Center, Douglas County Senior Services, ECKAN, Penn House, and the Salvation Army.

Seven Requirements for Application

All applicants requesting assistance must satisfy seven (7) requirements:

  1. Reside within Douglas County
  2. Meet gross income guidelines based on current Federal Poverty Guidelines.
  3. Provide proof of having paid on their primary fuel bill during the period of time for which assistance is being requested.
  4. Provide verifiable income information for the three months immediately preceding the date of application.
  5. Provide full and complete information required to determine eligibility during the application process.
  6. Provide a copy of any shutoff notice currently pending, if a gas company is the primary source of fuel.
  7. Apply in person, except in verifiable medical emergencies. In such circumstances, an agent may be designated by the applicant.

How Warm Hearts Works

  1. Approved payments for assistance by Warm Hearts will only be made directly to the utility company.
  2. Payments to a utility or vendor by Warm Hearts will not exceed $300.00 per household for the duration of the season, except that a maximum payment of $400.00 during the season will be made on approved applications for propane or wood.
  3. We require full verification of all household income reported on each application.
  4. We require positive identification of all applicants.
  5. We encourage all applicants to apply for a LIEAP award. (Low Income Energy Assistance Program).

LIEAP is a federally funded program that helps eligible households pay a portion of their home energy cost and is a one time per year benefit. Learn more at

Please support the efforts of Warm Hearts of Douglas County to help those in need with their home heating bills this winter.

Families near you fear they will be left in the cold this winter.
Won’t you please help?

Warm Hearts of Douglas County provides winter energy assistance to households in need through the thoughtful donations of people like you.

Who Is Helped?

They are young, they are elderly. They face a rough stretch of road, or a long road to recovery. They are your close friends, or your unknown neighbors.

They are struggling to make ends meet, and they need our help. Your help.

Who Is Warm Hearts?

Warm Hearts of Douglas County, Inc. is a non-profit agency established in 1982 to provide financial assistance to low-income households in the city of Lawrence and Douglas County struggling to pay their home heating fuel bills.

How Are These Funds Obtained?

To support this program, the directors of Warm Hearts conduct an annual fund drive following Thanksgiving. This campaign primarily is conducted through the media and by mail.

Are Campaign Expenses Paid Out Of Donations Received?

No, they are not. Warm Hearts of Douglas County is an all-volunteer effort with no costs for overhead. We have no paid staff or office. Our fund-raising campaign expenses are paid by a donor organization, so that every cent of every dollar raised goes to those qualified households in need of assistance with their winter fuel bills.


How Warm Hearts Helped My Family

This past winter my family was having a rough time financially due to my husband being injured at work. Someone told me they thought Warm Hearts might be able to help.

I am very thankful for the Warm Hearts program and really appreciate the assistance that they were able for provide for our family.

I have four children and one really depends on heat in our home due to his various illnesses. My husband and my family and I greatly appreciated this help! Thank You, Warm Hearts!

The Frazier Family

Donation Matching

Beginning with the winter of 2004-005, our local natural gas service supplier, Black Hills Energy, has partnered with Warm Hearts by offering to match all contributions to Warm Hearts. Donations may be made by Personal Check, PayPal account, debit or credit card. 

Our “Donate to Warm Hearts” page is available for your convenience when submitting a contribution by PayPal, debit or credit card.

And, If you prefer to donate by personal check, we ask that they be made payable to Black Hills Cares and mail to our Warm Hearts’ address below.

P O BOX 1555  
LAWRENCE KS 66044-8555

PDF fileView the brochure for complete information.