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Donor Questions


  1. Where does my money go? 

    Donations received and matched by Black Hills Energy are used to assist those in need. Money is paid directly to the vendor or service provider. Warm Hearts donations are applied to the costs for heating fuel only. Warm Hearts donations are not applied to utility deposits, turn-on charges, reconnection charges, or other utility fees for services.


  2. Who is helped? 

    We help a wide range of the Douglas County community from families with children, the elderly, people facing a rough stretch due to job loss, to people suddenly facing expensive medical bills or other unavoidable expenses. They may be your friend or your neighbor – all live in your community.


  3. Who qualifies for help? 

    There are several requirements necessary to qualify for assistance. For more information, please visit our Apply page.


  4. Are there minimum donation requirements?

    There are no minimum donation requirements.  We will warmly receive any and all contributions. 


  5. What is the average amount needed per household?

    The average amount given to each household over the past 5 years is $258.  Each family is unique; therefore funds are distributed on an as-needed basis.

Applicant Questions


  1. When do you begin accepting applications? 

    We accept applications from January 1st through April 30th.


  2. Can I use funds from Warm Hearts for my electric bill?

    We will review your usage as noted on your bill to see if electricity is the primary source for heating your home.  If so, your application will be considered. 


  3. Where do I apply? 

    Five non-profit social service agencies within Douglas County annually receive and process applications for assistance. These agencies are Ballard Center, The Senior Resource Center for Douglas County, ECKAN, Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas, and The Salvation Army.


  4. Do I need to make a payment between applications?

    Yes.  The applicant must have paid $25 or 10% of their fuel bill, whichever is less, during the period for which assistance is requested.  Submission of a receipt is required during the application process.


  5. Why do I still get a bill after I apply?

    Billing from your provider will continue as usual.  A utility bill may be produced before the Warm Hearts payment arrives, but it will be applied to your account.


  6. Can I still apply even if I don't have a past due or disconnection notice?

    Yes, but the applicant must provide sufficient information so that billing information can be obtained from the energy vendor.

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